CNC Die and Mould Machine – DX 653


  • All major parts are made of graded cast iron – FG260 grade – duly stress relieved.
  • C3 class precision ground ball screws and nuts for all three axes.
  • Precision heavy-load-duty LMG (HIWIN/PMI or any reputed make).
  • Backlash-free servo couplings of NACHI/R&W/KTR make.
  • Yinsh make precision lock-nuts for all axes.
  • Precision double angular contact matched pair ball bearings at front and a single at rear of ball screws.
  • Automatic lubrication system of 110cc/min capacity.
  • X-axes (table movement) is fitted with telescopic metallic covers and Y-axes is protected with organ type bellow covers.

Technical Data

 Table overall size  mm  520 x 620
 Nos. of T-slots / size / center distance  mm  6 / 14 / 100
 Table load capacity  kg  500
 Distance between columns  mm  630
Moving unit  LMGs & ball screws (C3 class) on all axis
 Working Range
 X-axis travel (to and from movement from work table)  mm  600
 Y-axis travel (left to right movement of spindle head)  mm  580
 Z-axis travel (up and down movement of spindle head)  mm  320
 Axis feed rate  mm/min  1 ~ 10000 (depends on material)
 Rapid movement of X/ Y/ Z axis  m/min  12 / 12 / 12
 Max distance between spindle nose and table  mm  350
 Max height of the job accommodate on the table  mm  320
 Electrical Data
 Axis motor  Servo motors and digital Servo drives
 Spindle motor  kw/rpm  5.5/7.5 / 24000 / 3 Ph AC
 Weight ( approx)  kg  3300

Accuracy & Test Chart

Following reports will be provided along with the machine:

  • Axis Calibration Report by LASER interferometer
  • Angle Deviation Measuring Report by Reinshaw
  • Geometrical Accuracy Report

Standard Equipment

  • Servo Motors and Digital Drives for X/Y/Z axis
  • Spindle Motor: 5.5/7.5 kw
  • Hand Wheel
  • Precision ground Ball Screws (C3 class) & LMGs for all axes (Hiwin / PMI)
  • Set of Collets
  • Coolant Pump
  • Machine Lamp
  • Fully enclosure system with way-covers and guarding
  • Mounting Pad: 4 Nos.
  • Tool Kit & User Manual

Required Optional Equipment

  • 3-Phase isolation transformer
  • 3-Phase servo voltage stabilizer
  • Air supply
  • Full proof earthing

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