CNC Engraving Machine – ISH 50

ARSUN ISH Series of CNC Engraving machines are best economic solution with powerful performance.

  • Economical yet powerful performance.
  • PC-CNC Controller with visual g-code display.
  • Use of EMC2 STANDARD G-codes & M-codes for 3D operations.
  • Allows direct import of DXF, BMP, JPG & HPGL files.
Moving table - Fixed gantry - Bed Type
‘BED TYPE – MOVING TABLE – FIXED GANTRY’ construction, comprises of well-ribbed base with integrated bed-ways, thick walled rigidly built gantry and work-table – all these major parts are made of low vibration graded cast iron and the whole machine is mounted on heavy-duty steel fabrication for rigidity and stability.

ISH Series comes with stepper motors & micro-stepping drives / ball-screws / LMGs / 24000 rpm water-cooled spindle motor, which all-to-gather with its sturdy construction offers vibration-free smooth movement of all axis while working.

Capable of 2D & 3D engraving
The machine is capable of 2D and 3D engraving and micro milling on most of the material like – Carbon Steel, (EN series, WPS), C.I., Aluminum, Copper, Brass, Bronze, Silver, Gold, Graphite, Wood, Plywood, MDF, Fiber, Acrylic, Nylon and other plastics material.

Manufacturing of dies, moulds, punches, electrodes for spark erosion, printing-cutting and embossing dies & tools, vacuum forming dies, solid models, control panel plates, name plates, sign making, gift articles, mementos, engraving for rubber stereos, light milling work, etc.

CNC Engraving machine

Technical Data

 Table overall size mm  600 X 650
 Nos. of T-slots / size / center distance mm  5 / 12 / 100
 Table load capacity kg  150
 Working Range
 X – axis travel mm  500
 Y – axis travel mm  500
 Z – axis travel mm  150
 Axes feed rate  mm/min  0.1 ~ 1500 (depends on material)
 Rapid traverse m/min  2500
 Spindle speed rpm  24000
 Max distance between spindle nose and table mm  160
 Max height of the job accommodate on the table mm  150
 Electrical Data
 Axes Motor  Step motors & micro step drives
 Spindle Motor  2.2 kw / 24000 rpm / 1Ph AC-water cooled
 Coolant pump  0.15 HP / 3 Ph AC
 Power Supply  230 V / 50 Hz / 1Ph AC
 Type of collet  ER 20 (max Ø13)
 Weight kg  500 (approax)
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Standard Equipment

  • PC-based CNC Controller (without PC)
  • Machine Lamp
  • Coolant Pump
  • Collets 5 nos.
  • Mounting Pad 4 nos.
  • Tool Kit
  • User Manual


  • Rotary Axis | Servo Motors & Digital Drives | Ground Ball Screws

Hardware & Software Requirement

  • Desktop PC with Parallel Port | 32 bit Windows 2000/XP/VISTA/7 | 1GHz CPU | 2 GB RAM (min)
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