Radial Drilling Machines

ARSUN AR Series of Radial Drills offer rigidity, precision and easiness in operation and are suitable for drilling, reaming and thread cutting operations.

Highlights of AR Series

  • AR Series of radial drilling machines are characterized by their easiness in operation, powerful drilling performance, high precision and rigidity. They provide robustness, efficiency and dependability in one-off and batch production environment.
  • The machines are double column type having generously provided ribs and appropriate wall thickness for base-plate, arm, inner column & column sleeve and are rigidly built to withstand static as well as severe dynamic loads.
  • It is double column design and wide clamping area of base-plate with ample rigidity of the machine makes it suitable for drilling, tapping and reaming operations.
  • Its drill-head comprises of an oil-filled sturdy gearbox and a power full feed box, which offers 8-speeds and 5-auto feeds. Auto feed is fitted with a ball clutch, which disengages at preset drilling depth as well as against too high drilling pressure, thus prevents breakages or damages of internal moving parts.


The machine is suitable for one-off or for batch production. It finds application in tool-rooms, engineering & fabrication shops, manufacturing of dies, moulds & machineries, automobile & ship building industries, railways, defense and bridge construction.


  • AR 40 – Having dia. 40 mm drilling capacity in steel.
  • AR 50 – Having dia. 50 mm drilling capacity in steel.


  • Robust, precision, easy to operate and reliable.
  • Powerful: Maximum dia. 40-50 mm drilling in steel.
  • Auto feed disengages at present depth and at too high drilling pressure.
  • Double column design for rigidity and effortless centering.
  • Acceptance according to IS : 2199.

Technical Data

Specifications Unit AR 40 AR 50
Maximum Drilling in Steel mm 40 50
Tapping in Steel mm 24 42
Spindle Stroke mm 250 300
Spindle Speed Range rpm 45 – 1125 45 – 1125
Power Feed Nos. /  mm/rev 6 /  0.05 to 3 6 /  0.05 to 3
Main Electric Motor kw 1.5 2.5
More Details More Details